VIDEO: Serwaa Akoto threatens to expose Ghanaian Actor Umar Krupp

 Umar Krupp and Serwaa Akoto,  A lady has threatened to expose actor Umar Krupp if he dares her.

In a video sighted by, the angry lady who according to close source is an actress threatened to expose the actor if he dares make a move.

We are not sure if it a publicity stunt, but in the video, the lady was seen given a direct shot at the actor.

Umar Krupp this is going to be my last warning, I won’t call you again, I won’t text you again, this is going to be my last warning, If you don’t want me to disgrace you if you don’t want people to hear, please you know what to do you know, you know what to do”, this is the exact words of the lady.
A little dig by has it that the lady is an actress and her name is Serwaa Akoto and it is alleged that they meet on set, that could be where their little secret was built.

Watch the video below Umar Krupp and Serwaa Akoto


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