Video: School girls s*xually dancing on a Boy in the classroom

Students from an unidentified school decided to turn the classroom into a nightclub and started entertaining themselves during lesson times. In broad daylight, when the students are supposed to be studying, they thought of having fun as no teacher was present in the room, dancing, and others cheering.

It seems to be the birthday of the young man sitting down on the chair who is being entertained by female students who are giving him a lap dance. In the video, two female learners can be seen taking turns to entertain the man, as he in response can not help but just sit and get entertained.

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Other classmates can be seen watching the free show while cheering those providing the entertainment. Towards the end of the video, the birthday boy can be seen charging up due to the s.e.xual moves done by the ladies on him.

Watch the VIDEO here



Meanwhile, in another inappropriate video of a woman who was recorded s.e.xually kissing and asking a toddler to touch her @ss. There has been a lot of criticism following the video and social media calling for the immediate arrest of the woman in the video.

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