VIDEO- Popular Zimbabwean socialite,Cookie Lyon Mudiwa Bonk on Facebook Live Video

A POPULAR Zimbabwean socialite,Cookie Lyon Mudiwa who is based in the United States is currently trending on social media after she had “sex” on her Facebook live session.

Cookie Lyon Mudiwa was having a chat with her followers when her overly horny lover came over and begged for a quickie session.

The socialite, known to her fans as just Cookie, didn’t hesitate one moment.

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In the video we share below, she quickly put her phone down and went straight into the business.

Cookie is not new to controversy. A few years ago, she and fellow socialite Zuva Habane trended after the two crowd-pulling ladies spoke deeply about their sexual matters and body sexual organs.

In particular, Cookie Lyon Mudiwa, left Facebook viewers stunned when she went into graphic details about how her sexual organ tastes and smells, describing it as “golden”.

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Her candid remarks didn’t sit well with most conservative Zimbabweans who felt she was crossing the line by her utterances.

Cookie Lyon Mudiwa Watch Zimbabwean socialite gets banged live of Facebook live

Watch her latest video below…

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