Video: Pastor Godfrey’s Wife Cheats On Him With A Taxi Conductor

Pastor Saazi Godfrey of Life Tabernacle Holy Gospel Church Kansanga is in pain after discovering his wife, only identified as Judith, cheating on him with a taxi conductor named Reagan Akankwatsa.

According to reports, the pastor opened a store in the Avema Shopping Mall for Judith. Every day on her way to work, she took a taxi, and the conductor in that taxi was Reagan.

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From there, their love blossomed, and the pair went on to have numerous bonking sessions without the pastor’s knowledge.

The romance lasted two years, until Judith became pregnant for the conductor. For fear of her husband discovering the pregnancy, she terminated it, which irritated Reagan, who later left the country to work abroad.

The romance, however, was resurrected on WhatsApp days later, where the pair exchanged romantic messages, nudes, and explicit videos.

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Reagan can be heard telling Judith in some of their conversations that he misses her “twin towers” and can’t wait to enjoy them again.

Pastor Saazi Godfrey overheard all of the conversations and is now heartbroken, hopeless, and sick. Because of the embarrassment his wife has caused him, he has now closed his church.

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Watch details of Pastor Saazi Godfrey and his wife and the conductor


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