Video of Hushpuppi’s last words a day before his arrest pops up online

Hushpuppi words a day before his arrest pops up online || The biggest and viral news currently making waves all over the world is the arrest of Nigeria’s greatest con man, Ramoni Igbalode aka Ray Hushppupi.

Ray Hushpuppi was arrested with 12 others in Dubai by a joint operation by the Dubai Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the USA.

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Days after his arrest, the Dubai police released the video of the moment Ray Hushpuppi and his gang were swooped by the team of skilled policemen at their place of residence.

As you all know, the operation was nicknamed “Operation Fox Hunt 2” and Hushppupi was the main target of the operation.

Following his arrest, a video has popped up on social media that suggests it was the last words of Ray Hushpuppi a day before his arrest by the police.

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In the video sighted, the Nigerian national shared a touching story of his family. He said in his family’s lineage no one has been able to make it in life.

Ray noted that not even 6 generations before he could afford a better life.


It is only him who has been able to break that chain of poverty and living the dream. “In my whole generation … na only me see escape from poverty small” he said.

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Hushpuppi last words a day before his arrest pops up online

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