Video of City Slay Queen !!! No wonder she makes men empty their bank accounts (WATCH)

Faith Makau alias Amber Ray is a famous Kenyan socialite who is known for living a high-end life and dating wealthy men, most of whom get money from shady deals.

She was at one time involved in a publicized affair with flashy city gold fraudster Zaheer Jhanda.

Her relationship with Zaheer ended in tears.

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She milked him properly for the time that they dated and even bought an apartment in Athi River, thanks to the gold mine that is in between her legs.

Amber is now dating Jamal, a well-known cartel in the matatu industry.

The light-skinned socialite uses her social platforms to advertise her goodies to wealthy men.

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To her, what matters is the depth of your pockets.

In this latest video that she posted on TikTok, she is seen flaunting some very hot Kamba dance moves that left men salivating like starving hyenas.

Her ‘dashboard’ and ‘nyash’ are still on point.

Watch video.



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