VIDEO: My foster father turned me into a prostitute at age 11 – Lady narrates sad story

My foster father turned me into a prostitute || A young commercial sex worker, with ten years of experience,  has made public how she become a prostitute at age 11 after heartrending encounters with her foster father.

The 21-year old, identified only as Kelly, revealed that her foster father started defiling her when she was only five years old.

She said that her foster father raped her many times after that first encounter, eventually forcing her out of the house at age 11.

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A teary Kelly added that when she ran out, she met another man who took her into his house and also abused her sexually while introducing her to men who paid him and had sex with her.

She ran out of that house  but the pangs of hunger forced her to have sex with men for money eventually making her a prostitute.

The curvaceous lady lamented that she feels trapped in the illegal business but is unable to abandon it because she lacks other skills or education and relies solely on prostitution to  put food on her table.

The girl, who speaks well for someone who hasn’t been to school since age 10, said she dreams of being a lawyer and a cosmetologist but she doesn’t know how to go about it.

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She mentioned that she’s ashamed of herself and her body then added that she still sells her body because she doesn’t have any other skill.

She said she’s been raped, tortured and has had a gun pulled on her head while walking the streets.

She also revealed that she experiments with drugs. She said she tried cocaine after her pimp introduced her to it, but later gave it up because she didn’t want it messing her up.

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My foster father turned me into a prostitute

My foster father turned me into a prostitute

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