Video: High School pupils massive fight, students suspended

Edenglen High School pupils massive fight was sparked by R25 debt || A massive brawl broke out after a handful of students failed to understand each other over R25 debt.

One pupil owed another R25 and had failed to pay back, leading to a street fight.

The pupils were involved in at least four fights in the street, with other students watching and filming from a distance.

As the girls looked on, a student is seen being mobbed by a group of boys and beaten with fists and being kicked. In another scene, another student is seen dragging a fellow student on the road and beating him with fists.

Another student tries to escape but is quickly brought down and beaten.

Edenglen High School pupils students fights parked by R25 debt
Screeshots of the Edenglen High School pupils fight video

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited Edenglen High School on Wednesday to get at the bottom of the matter.

Department spokesperson Steve Mabona said that about 10 pupils had been involved, as well as others not registered with the school. The students have since been suspended pending an investigation.

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“The school governing body undertook to immediately take necessary disciplinary action against all involved in the fracas. They will also provide Lesufi with their report today.

The department’s psychosocial team has since been dispatched to assist the affected children.

Police interviewed some of the Edenglen High students involved in the fight.

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Quite recently female students from Mathole High School in  KZN have been suspended for bullying and assaulting another student in a video that has surfaced online. One of the bullies tried to commit suicide by drinking poison but was saved.

Video: Edenglen High School pupils massive fight was sparked by R25 debt, students suspended


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