Video: Drama as man gets stuck to someone’s wife while having s.ex

A video making rounds on social media show a couple stuck having sex in what is believed to be umuthi.

In African cultures, people tend to practice such things as ways to protect their loved ones from predators. Man consult sangomas (traditional healers) to fix their wives so that no other man can sleep with them and if they do, they can not get away with it without the husband knowing, and vice versa.

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In the video, a couple can be seen in bed stuck together while they were having s.e.x, trying to free themselves from each other. A man present can also be seen performing tradition-like things on the stuck couple. It is not clear where in South Africa and when the incident took place.

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However, some say there is a scientific sense, whereby muscles lock each other.

Watch the video:

Again! Guys stay away from people’s wives.


People online have expressed their different views on the clip and they had this to say:



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