VIDEO: City Slay Queen Leaks Pallaso’s Private Bedroom Video After Reportedly B0nking Tubeless

Kama Ivein Management signed singer Pius Mayanja commonly known as Pallaso is in hot soup after a city slay queen leaking a private bedroom video showing him sweaty from a marathon of reportedly chewing her.

The trending video that is making rounds on social media shows the ‘Sucker Free Boss’ so exhausted in bed with an unknown slay queen while completely naked as they are covered with white bed sheets.

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According to the video in two edited versions, the singer is spotted seemingly exhausted after he had just got done with his uncountable rounds of jig jig with a slay queen and despite the endless efforts from his cassava chewer to wake him up, Pallaso turns a deaf ear.

According to the person who leaked the video, Pallaso’s sex tape is set to be released this week so that his fans get to see how gifted the singer as a real bedroom bully.

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Watch the video below;

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