VIDEO: Cephco And Yvonne Nakankaka the TikTok couple Ends in Tears After The Sεxtapε

Since Ismael Sefuko, alias Cephco, was detained by Full Figure and transferred to Luzira prison, the TikToker has gained national attention.

He claimed that Sheikh Umar, who planned his detention, wanted him to rot in jail and steal his girlfriend Jowie once he was released from prison.

Later, he claimed that Sheikh Umar had touched Jowie’s source violently and that she was really depressed.

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Jowie/Cephco’s Ex-girlfriend

Through his attorneys, Umar vowed to take Cephco to court over unfounded claims and demanded that he apologize or face the consequences.

Cephco made a video in which he sobbed crocodile tears while adamantly refusing to apologize to the person who planned his arrest.

Days later, he publicly dumped Jowie and revealed that she never cared about his arrest.

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Cephco said despite being in jail, Yvonne kept on pestering Sheikh Umar to throw her a birthday party. He also revealed that his friends told him a lot of stuff Yvonne was involved in when he was in jail.

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Yvonne Nakankaka
Yvonne Nakankaka/ Cephco’s girlfriend

He decided to settle with No.2 Yvonne Kankaka and vowed never to go back to Jowie.

The internet was abuzz this morning with praise for Yvonne Kankaka for pulling it off. Curious, our snoops searched for the clip, but from what we could see, it wasn’t Yvonne and Cephco.

Watch Cephco And Yvonne Nakankaka alleged video

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