Video: All You Need to Know about Kisoro ‘Couple’ who were Doing a Quick on the Roadside

Internet went crazy yesterday on Wednesday after a video appeared online showing a man having a quick with a woman by the roadside as they held a bicycle.

In a video that was at first mistaken as rape but later proved to have been done out of consent, the man is seen with a lady jazzing as the man holds his bicycle and out of nowhere, the man starts removing his genitals as he folds a woman’s skirt and starts the act rightaway.

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The lady is then seen holding the bicycle enjoying the man on a busy road near Kisoro Central Pharmacy and Millenium House. The incident was filmed on November 2, Tuesday.

The lady has been identified as Colodine Muhawenimana Mukamulenzi a 24 year old sexual worker who is a resident of Kisoro town having migrated from Rwanda.

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Muhawenimana was arrested by Kisoro Police as being charged for being a public nuisance.

The man is known as Paskari Hafashimana a resident of Kisoro works as Bicycle transporter one of the most common modes of Transport in Kisoro and he stages at Travelers Rest Boda Boda stage. He was also arrested by authorities in Kisoro on similar offenses.

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Kisoro man
Paskari who also appeared in the video arrested by authorities also

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