US-Based Ghanaian Model, Selina Denva Gives Thanks to God After Escaping Death A Year Ago

Selina Denva, a US-based Ghanaian fashion model has thanked God profusely in a new post shared on her IG platform.

The young lady shared with her followers how she escaped death by a whisker a year ago around this period. Sharing her gripping experience, she wrote;

“Exactly a year ago today, I escaped DEATH with my 4 year old by God’s love and protection . I was involved in a ghastly and deadly motor accident (PICTURES INCLUDED). And yes I was seated on the passenger seat .

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So today is a very special and a day of remembrance for me. Not only that, but I successfully left a “situationship” that almost made me loose myself. Long and short, I DONT PLAY ABOUT 12/24..

Thank you God .. I always reflect and see the mental, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and healthwise position I’m at right now, and it’s all by your Grace, protection and love. THANK YOU MY FATHER GOD for protecting and delivering me❤️❤️✨✨✨ MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

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