Update: Slay Queen Trish being bonked by husband’s friend: Video

Update: Chi-Town Slay Queen Trish being B0NKED by hubby’s Ximex Mall dealer friend: Video. As we promised you that we will be further updating you on this interesting Chitungwiza scandal of a married woman who was busted for cheating her hubby with his best friend a Ximex Mall dealer.

Well, tazodzifambira nyaya dzacho and below is a video of the twoo cheaters B0NKIING each other in one of the many videos and pictures said to have been discovered in the lover’s phone. More images and videos to follow…

#ctaText??#  Vals Day drama: Slay Queen escapes through a window after being busted chewing married man – Video

A Chi-Town slay Queen “Trish” married to a Ximex Dealer, was caught cheating with the dealer’s best friend.

Her n#des with the other guy were found in the other guy’s phone. The husband had borrowed to use the friend’s phone, then he saw n@ked pictures and videos of them. Below is the video of the two cheaters B0NKING…


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