93% of University Students in Ghana want schools to reopen – Research

A survey by the Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR) at the Kumasi Technical University has revealed that 93 per cent of final year university students want schools to reopen.

President Akufo-Addo in March this year directed the shutdown of all schools including universities due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Several academics have called on the government to allow final year students in the various educational levels to return to school and complete their academic year.

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According to the survey by the CSSR, about 2474 of the respondents (representing 93.0%) across all levels and the various modes of delivery do wish that schools re-open soon.

The survey added that only 196 (representing 7.0%) of participants do wish that the shutdown of schools remain for a while.

The survey added that those who wish school resume soon have given full assurance to adhere to all COVI-19 safety protocols should school reopen.

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This call from students makes it imperative for Universities’ managements to visibly strengthen the various measures already underway to secure the campuses and hostels of the university awaiting a possible partial or full re-opening of schools for full face-to-face or a blend of the online and the face-to-face systems to resume for standard examinations to be conducted.

The study revealed that the poor internet connectivity at various geographical locations of students, cost of Internet data are part of the reasons cited by students who want schools to reopen.

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CSSR recommend that “Government reviews the restrictions imposed favourably, especially on University campuses to pave way for adequate revision and for standard examinations to be conducted.”

By: Sarpong Smart,
Snr Research Fellow,
Centre for Social Science Research – CSSR,
Kumasi Technical University – Ghana,

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