Two naked ladies and two naked men caught in a vehicle in Ruai area, READ THIS

A dramatic chase pitting Police officers against occupants of a suspicious vehicle last night, led to the arrest of four persons, initially suspected to be armed robbers. The arrest of the four followed a call from a concerned neighbour, who contacted administration police officers stationed at the AP driving school in Ruai and informed them of a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood, whose occupants had unclear intentions. The highly skilled officers in critical infrastructure protection approached the vehicle cautiously from a distance.

Suddenly, they saw silhouettes of human beings quickly jump into the vehicle that sped off, leaving behind a thick cloud of dust. Determined to establish the identity of the suspects and their mission, the three officers also went for their all weather Toyota Land Cruiser van.

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They followed the now visible Ford Ranger double cabin in a chase of its own class, staged along Kangudo road at 3am. Behind the wheel was Corporal Opiyo Asha, who followed the speeding truck at break neck speed, shifting the beast’s gears in quick succession in a bid to catch up with the speeding truck.

On the co-driver’s seat, Corporal John Okunga blared the vehicle’s siren for the speeding truck to stop, but that appeared to give its driver the impetus to accelerate further.

The police van was struggling behind the Ford and the suspects showed no sign of stopping after a five-kilometer chase. But officers of the law aren’t to be easily outwitted. They deflated two of it’s tires in two precise shots, bringing the dramatic chase to an abrupt end.

No sooner had the cops approached the ill fated truck, than four naked occupants two men and two ladies jumped out, lifting their hands up in surrender. “Sisi sio wezi,” pleaded one of the ladies. It was such an anticlimax for the law enforcement officers,

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who had earlier swung into action thinking that it was another action-packed night, of engaging city thugs.

Only for them discover that they had just spoiled the party for four adults who were having the time of their lives, probably celebrating the recently vacated dusk-dawn curfew.

Vianney Kibet, Silvia Kasiva, Esther Karingari and Denzel Njiru were escorted to Ruai police station, where their safety and security was guaranteed for the rest of the night.

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Their vehicle was also towed to the station.

Fichua kwa DCI 0800 722 203

By DCI Kenya


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