Two elderly men Caught On Camera Stealing Laptops, Slapped Like Dogs -Watch

There was drama when two unidentified elderly men were caught stealing Mac Book laptops and phones from shops.

They were almost successful had they not chosen to steal from another shop as CCTV footage from their first heist prompted employees to follow up and were caught up with while stealing from another shop.

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Disguised as genuine buyers, the two, whose age one may be forgiven to assume their innocence, were busted in the act and dealt with.


They managed to successfully sneak away with a MacBook Pro from the first store they intruded on and attempted to visit another store.

A very angry man who seemed to be a worker at the store gave them a thorough beating but they could not fight back in shame.

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It is currently not clear if they have been handed over to Police.

Watch the videos below;



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