TV3 Date Rush contestant, Joan, alleged to be mentally ill and a drug addict who was deported from the US by her parents

JOAN DATE RUSH – Once you become popular, there are people willing to leak dirty details about your personal life without holding back.

Joan, a contestant on TV3’s Date Rush has been exposed by a close source that she’s a drug addict and mentally ill. The source revealed that she was deported from the United States where she was staying with her parents.

According to the close source who revealed these fillas to TheGossipScoop, Joan, was in a rehabilitation centre in the United States for months as a result of her drug addiction before her parents took a firm decision and deported her to Ghana.

Joan date rush
Joan date rush

The source claims Joan is still mentally not well and as a result of that, she was once suspended as a registration officer at the National Identification Authority (NIA).

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Justifying the above, Joan’s behavior on the show tonight kind of confirmed the above fillas from the source. She was all hyper, overreacting and all over the place — these are common attributes of those who abuse substance.

A lot of people are suggesting that TV3 must do a little bit of background check on contestants before allowing them on their shows.

Because if the show is indeed for singles to mingle with their potential partners, who will in his sane mind want to date someone who’s mentally ill and addicted to drugs?

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  1. Remember She walk in without saying Hi” to the guys… And later the presenter told her to do… So what is the overacting you guys are talking about…..On other source
    Chop you house matter before you talk about someone else

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