Tristan Thompson files for gag order against new baby mama Maralee Nichols; accuses her of trying to ‘gain’ fame with lawsuit

NBA star, Tristan Thompson on Monday December 6, filed an emergency gag order request to prevent his alleged new baby mama, Maralee Nichols, from taking their paternity suit even more public than it already is.


Nichols had claimed in the paternity suit that Thompson impregnated her in March on his 30th birthday, when he and Khloé Kardashian were still dating. She’s suing for child support.


In a counter-suit filed at Harris County, Texas, three days after news of Nichols’ lawsuit went public, Tristan stated that his personal trainer’s “intention all along [was] to try to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself.”


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He claimed that Nichols’ inclusion of Snapchat messages purportedly sent between the two, which he denies ever writing or sending, is an attempt to smear” him and are “wholly and clearly fabricated.”


The NBA star also accused his Nichols of “alerting the media” of him allegedly fathering her child and of the competing lawsuits in California and Texas, despite the court previously granting a protective order to guard documents that contain sensitive personal information.

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Revealing that he’ll be retiring after this season, Tristan further alleges in the filing that he has suffered “damages and extreme distress.” He’s requesting the court to hold an emergency hearing for a complete gag order, and also wants Nichols to post a $30,000 bond to “deter” her from violating the order. Additionally, Thompson wants Nichols to pay for his fees to file the request.


The basketballer has already admitted to having sex with Nichols several times at a hotel after the pair attended a party together, according to a declaration included in the filing.

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He filed a request, obtained by Page Six, demanding she take a paternity test in July. As of Nov. 15, she had not taken a test, but in a subsequent filing he said he would pay child support if the child was his.


In a separate legal filing, obtained by Page Six, Nichols claimed text messages allegedly sent by Thompson show that he wanted her “to get an abortion” and threatened “that she will get next to nothing with lesser support requirements in Texas.”


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