Top Spokane Celebrity Tattoo Showcase

All About It Tattoo is a top celebrity tattoo shop in Spokane for all types of quality tattoos. Their experience painters are very flexible in offering a variety of styles and shapes to their patrons.

In a way of limiting the risk of skin harm associated with tattoos, they use the most up-to-date rotary equipment. To ensure adequate preparation and quality, the studio carefully adheres to deposit and drawing policies as well.

They also provide other services like piercings, tooth gems, and permanent cosmetics, among other aesthetic body changes.


What every customer is to expect when you visit Spokane tattoo shops .


The Tattoo Artist will first clean the skin prior to the Setup to eliminate the oils and grime from the top layer of the skin. Then shave the tattooed region to provide a clean, germ-free canvas for the tattooing technique.

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Applying the stencil to the skin: The Tattoo Artist will first apply a little amount of his or her preferred stencil solution to the skin, then line up the tattoo as the Artist and customer desire. The artist will apply the stencil on the skin and wait few minutes for it to adhere to the skin before beginning the on-skin tattoo procedure.

Setting up our tattoo workstation: Before and after each tattoo, all about it ink artise will spray down our workstation and tattoo furniture with magnicide, then wait for the cleaning solvent’s required time to assure your safety and that our work surfaces are clean and contaminant free.
The artist at spokane all about it ink will then ask you to join them in their tattoo station as they set up their tattoo equipment to visually inspect everything for cleanliness and sterility.

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The customer is then introduced to the artist’s Tattoo Station, the artist at all about it ink will sanitize their hands and put on gloves before laying out the personal protective equipment, which includes cellophane wrap, plastic disposable clip cord sleeves, and plastic disposable tattoo machine bags, to protect the tattooist’s tools and prevent infection from spreading to you or future clients. After that, they’ll change their gloves and set up their tattoo machine with all of the necessary.

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All about it ink artists will remove their personal protective cloths and begin shaking the tattoo pigments to ensure that your tattoo is as brilliant as possible. Once finished, the artist will pour out the inks and inform you that the tattoo operation is about to begin.


For all your bookings contact them on  allaboutittattoo@gmail.com OR call (509) 326-0276

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