Top Slay Madam Sandra Ankobiah Shows Moesha Levels as She Goes on Shopping Spree at Chanel Store in London

Sandra Ankobiah has shown Moesha Boduong that there are levels to this game as she’s gone on a London shopping spree.

Sandra has shared a video of herself touring some shops in London’s fashion district.

The video has the popular slay queen lawyer entering a couple of shops including a Chanel store.

As usual, she had a cameraman/woman on standby to record everything going on for the gram.

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How can you let people know you’re living a high-class escort life if you don’t record it?

Sandra walks into the Chanel shop in the video, looks around and buys whatever she wants then pays with a black credit card.

She then enters another shop to continue shopping, not to talk of sitting down classily to be served a glass of wine.

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Ankobiah shared the video to her Instagram with the caption: “A little retail therapy, is good for the soul!”

We won’t wonder where she got that black credit card from, we’ll leave that to Moesha to tell us in her next expose.

Check out Sandra on a shopping spree below…


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