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JILTED LOVER: Presidential Aspirant Tumukunde’s Son Attacks Ex-Girlfriend, Leaves Her Toothless

Top Politician Son Attacks Ex-Girlfriend || Israel Paul Atwijukye, a young man under the guardianship of former Security Minister and prospective 2021 presidential aspirant Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde is in trouble after his ex-girlfriend a one Patricia Oyera accused him of aggravated assault and causing serious bodily harm on her.

Atwijukye and Ms Oyera had been dating some seven months ago and according to the lady, everything was almost normalizing and she assumed he had also moved on. But alas!

“On the weekend, I had gone to Munyonyo to find a house I could rent. So the place I was hanging out from with my friends happened to be the same place he was at but we didn’t talk at all. I minded my business.” Oyera narrated.

She said her friends expressed concern at the manner in which he was behaving as he couldn’t even spare a minute to say hi to her. According to her account, he hid away from them and they didn’t mind it considering it’s been almost a year since they broke up.

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“I reached a time when I wanted to go to the washrooms, and I left my friends and headed their alone. I didn’t imagine that he’d follow me there. This guy finds me in the washroom and out of nowhere punches me in the face.” Oyera further narrated.

Top Politician Son Attacks Ex-Girlfriend
Top Politician Son Attacks Ex-Girlfriend

“I was losing a lot of blood. When he noticed that and realized that the Police were coming, he took off. Never to be seen again. He has since refused to pick up any calls made out to him so that he can own his consequences and foot my hospital bill.” Oyera added.

She said the guy didn’t stop at that, he apparently reached out for her hair and pulled out her dreads. Causing her unbearable pain and suffering.

The young lady is currently hospitalized at Life Link Hospital in Kyaliwajjala. She made more efforts to reach out to her assaulters family and called a one Debby whom this website understands is a daughter of Gen. Tumukunde but still, no help has come out to her.

“This guy has a lot of disrespect. He thinks nothing can be done to him. He has to be taught a lesson. Such a person can even kill you. This is violence and it has been happening not to only me but a lot of other people. We need to stop the violence.” She added.

Our calls to the suspected batterer and his family all went unanswered.




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