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Top Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals Of All Time

Top 15 Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals Of All Time

Top Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals || Humans are not perfect, celebrities are not too. We’re infallible and we err..

But celebrities are somewhat tasked to live an exemplary life fit for their celebrity badges and worth emulating – a sort of near perfect life!

Yeah, because we have people looking up to them, mirroring their lives and seeing them as their goal to achieve. So whether they like it or not, we expect the very best of behaviour from them!

However, many of our celebrities have committed ‘sins’ that we are yet to forget!

GhanaCelebrities.Com has listed top 15 egregious sins Ghanaian celebrities have committed.

Top Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals Of All Time

1. Afia Schwarzenegger

In 2017, Ghanaian comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger was caught in bed red-handed by her husband, sleeping with another man at their matrimonial home.

Her ex-husband Abrokwa Lawrence painstakingly captured the incident with acid in his hands as he threatened to disfigure Afia Schwar’s face for cheating on him.

The moment saw the comedienne crying and begging without her clothes. She held a white towel in her hand but she could not cover herself well as she was tensed. The marriage hit the rocks and our sister is yet to find another husband.

The sad part is, photos and video of the moment are still online till the present age but she is the most controversial and loudest celebrity in Ghana.

2. Emelia Brobbey

Actress Emelia Brobbey has suffered several scandals. Popular among them is her alleged shoplifting in Piercings, London.

In 2013, actress Emelia Brobbey was accused of shoplifting a bracelet in Enfield Town, North London at the Piercings Departmental Store.

According to an eyewitness, she had earlier gotten away with earrings she allegedly stole from the same shop. On the second occasion, she attempted to lift a bracelet and she was caught.

Report says Emelia Brobbey was stopped at the entrance whilst heading home, she was interrogated and got fined for the item.

Emelia Brobbey provided her house address which led to the deportation of two friends she had visited as their visas had expired.

3. Samini

A coolest musician who likes women! Ghanaian musician Samini held the wish of marrying two women at the same time but tried to keep it private.

Years ago, news broke that Samini was trying to marrying his third wife, Christiana Aboagye. However, according to him, he was going to renew his marriage vow at the Register General Department when his wife visited from Canada.

At the same time, Samini had a London based baby mama, Mercy Geker who he had planned to marry as a second wife.

Months after the renewal of his vows with his first wife, a report surfaced that Samini was in London to get married again. Upon investigations, GhanaCelebrities.Com was able to confirm that Samini had lied about being married as he tried to wed another woman.

By some follow-up posts from GhanaCelebrities.Com, Mercy Geker and her family dissolved the second marriage which Samini attempted.

4. John Dumelo

John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor cum politician John Dumelo has also been involved in scandals, popular among is the ‘V8 Saga‘.

In 2017 following the general elections, John Dumelo had in his custody one of the pool of cars for National Security which according to the government was not up to the number imported.

The unfortunate part was that John Dumelo allegedly attempted to rebrand the car to his taste but it was confiscated by the security men in search for the missing cars.

The handsome actor later revealed that though the car was imported under the name of National security and had a siren fixed inside, it wasn’t state-owned as he funded it through one big man to escape import duties.

5. Fella Makafui

In 2018, Fella Makafui’s wine shop which she had bragged of self-funding and sponsoring was closed. Her alleged sugar daddy stormed her East Lagon wine shop to close it down.

He as well collected a car he bought for her with the reason that Fella Makafui was no more committed to their relationship and her love had dwindled since she was refusing to spend time with him.

Soon, the man she was supposedly seeing, Medikal bought her a new car and opened another wine shop for her whilst he pretended nothing happened.

6. Selly Galley

Media personality and fashionista Selly Galley claimed she nearly committed suicide following this scandal. Selly Galley and Elikem were the Ghanaian representatives on the Big Brother Africa in 2013.

Along the way in the house, on the 27th day, news circulated that Selly who was dating Ghanaian musician Steven Fiawoo known in showbiz as Praye Tiatia had bonked one of the housemates – a Tanzanian representative know as Nando.

The two were reportedly caught in bed together under the sheet and in motion. Viewers and fans who witnessed the incident could only make a simple meaning that there had been co!tus but Selly denied, thinking she escaped.

However, Nando later disclosed to another housemate that Selly infected him with STD and was receiving treatment after they allegedly slept.

Top Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals

7. Odartey Lamptey

This particular scandal almost sent tears down the cheeks of many Ghanaians. Former Ghanaian footballer, Odartey Lamptey suffered a devastating loss in 2013 as DNA test proved that he was not the father of the three girls he had raised with his wife Gloria Appiah for 21 years!

Children he had raised, loved and cared for al of a sudden turned ‘strangers’ right before his eyes.

To make matters worse, his wife couldn’t challenge the result due to her promiscuity. She rather filed for divorce, seeking half of his assets plus his plush residence in East Lagon.

Even though she lost the case demanding 50 per cent share of her husband’s properties, the shameless woman appealed after cheating on him and making him raised children that were not his.

Eventually, she had something for probably cooking for the man and serving other wifey duties.

8. Yvonne Nelson

In 2017 whilst Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson was pregnant, a Nigerian model Keela Harrison accused her of snatching her husband.

In a leaked chat that popped up, Keela Harrison revealed to a friend that she introduced Yvonne Nelson to her husband after she contacted her to purchase slim tea.

She disclosed they were in the process of getting a divorce but had not gone through the process when Yvonne Nelson magically got pregnant for her husband, Jamie Roberts.

I quite remember before Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy which she lied to keep it a secret, she confirmed through an interview that she had gotten her soul mate and marriage/wedding was imminent.

However, everything later collapsed on her head as she could not even earn a promise ring. Talk about marriage today and Yvonne Nelson would reply from nowhere that it is not an achievement!

9. Asamoah Gyan

Former Black Stars’ Captain Asamoah Gyan was accused of rape and *an*l s*x with a 22-year-old university girl called Sarah Kwablah.

According to the girl, Gyan raped her, both regular and *an*l s*x but Asamoah Gyan denied, noting it was consensual as the lady kept coming for more.

The disagreement between the two partners ended in a lawsuit as private chats between them also leaked online. In the chat, Asamoah asked the girl to terminate her pregnancy whilst she insisted to keep. The whole thing, in the end, turned a foolish case!

10. Obaapa Christy

Gospel Musician Obaapa Christy is quite fraught with scandals – several of them. Somewhere in 2012/2013 gospel musician Obaapa Christy who was by then referred to as Christiana Love per her marriage to Pastor Love was accused of cheating.

The couple dragged themselves publicly on live radio, on Adom FM morning show program, hosted by former employee Adakabre Frimpong Manso.

Pastor loved publicly accused his wife, now ex-wife of cheating whilst she accused him of being a murderer.

Their marriage eventually hit the rocks. Obaapa Christy has recently married but even that, a group of women in Hamburg, Germany have claimed that the gospel musician has snatched someone’s husband.

Top Ghanaian Celebrity Scandals

11. Captain Smart

Captain Smart

Top media personality Captain Smart who recently resigned from Adom FM, Multimedia has also had his share of scandal!

In 2018 news broke that the maverick media personality had married someone’s wife, Afia Pokuaa.

According to reports, his former wife, Afia Pokua was married to a German based borga known as Murphy.

Following incessant backlashes from the public, Captain Smart divorced Afia Pokua but her German husband died shortly after their divorce.

12. Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has really suffered emotionally.

It appears he has zero luck in marriage. The woman he is seen with was his first wife. He paid her bride price, walked her down the aisle and happily sent her home but it ended in tears.

Just a year into the marriage, the couple experience their toughest battle which ended their marriage. On reason why they divorced, Funny Face claimed his ex-wife cheated and she also said Mr Funny Face wasn’t good in bed!

According to her, he was a 2 minutes man and could not satisfied her.

13. Mzbel

Mzbel made headlines a time ago for s**ual assault, in fact on two occasions.

According to reports student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology fondled her after she performed and was leaving the stage.

Report says the student has wanted the ’16 years’ singer to continue her performance but she declined, noting there were other artists to mount the stage.

Hence, they grabbed her and did their own things to her.

On another occasion, Mzbel is reported to have been raped by an armed robber who her and made away with some cash, phones, CD among other things.

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