Top 5 things to do after cheating on your partner

Things to do after cheating on your partner || Cheating in marriage is such a big deal that most people end up divorcing after the infidelity. Here are some pointers on how to move in with life after the encounter.

1. If you would like to stay in your marriage it is advisable to cease contact with the other person. This involves cancelling your little coffee dates,outings or meetings. Stick to your refusal to meet the other person and limit contact. In fact spend as much time as possible with your partner and let off feelings you might have for the other person.

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2. You have to ask yourself certain questions. Have a deep introspection as to why you cheated. Cheating goes beyond physical attraction. Reflect on what you think might be lacking in your marriage such as diminished sexual activity, lack of resources or strain brought about by in laws. Asking these questions might give you solutions on what really needs to be addressed in your marriage for it to work out.

3. Consider telling your spouse about your little rendezvous. Some people might cringe at this thought but it is worth the while. Of course regaining the trust of your partner might take time, but telling

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4. Resist the urge to blame your infidelity on your partner. The two of you might have had problems leading to you finding solace in the arms of a third person but do not apportion that blame on your patner. It is you and you alone that chose to take that path of cheating.

5. Map out how you are going to exercise communication channels after cheating. It is important. Obviously the way you communicate will now be different and it might take a while before things between the two of you get back to normal.

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