To the ladies out there who want to cheat: “Please draft an MoU with that side-guy”

To the ladies out there who want to cheat: “Please draft an MoU with that side-guy” ||


It is an open secret that being a side dish or having one is something marrieds have started accepting. I am sure I will have so many people judging me, but I am writing about realities.

Side dishes have openly been a man’s thing. It doesn’t surprise today’s wife as it used to then that there is a side dish in the picture.

Side dishes have mastered their roles and have come to terms with the fact that this man will never leave the wife no matter how many times he comes up with the lamest reasons he is with her.

I know of a lady who has been a side dish for almost 10 years, and she has come to terms with the fact that she will always be the other woman in the shadows.

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And for some reason, she is very happy. Now, you can’t tell me that the wife doesn’t know.

What men should learn to come to terms with is the fact that they have taught the women so well. If your woman has known about your side dish and is not crying about it anymore, please know that she has found someone on the side lighting up her world.

Believe it or not, if she is no longer questioning certain things, if she no longer cares what time you get home, and has gradually given up that evil behaviour of checking your phone, it is most likely she has someone hitting it on the side.

One of my friends asked me about having a perfect side nigga”.

As much as she wants someone who will pay attention to her sexual needs, someone willing to try new things in the bedroom without asking where she got it from, someone who is exciting and risky, she is not about to walk out on her husband and babies.

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The perfect side guy needs to have an MOU. You can take a minute and laugh. As a married woman, you need to make the conditions very clear from the beginning of the entanglement.

Discuss the dos and don’ts. Manage expectations. Talk about which apps to use to chat and for calls. Talk about the means of communication. If he has to wait for you to give the chats the green light, make it clear.

If it is more about sex and not companionship, let him know. Make him understand that he will have to wait for the next room number and venue, and that that is when you will communicate.

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But I would want to think that the best side nigga is a married man. Someone who knows the risks. Someone who has something to lose.

If they don’t have anything to lose, they will mess up your other life up. You can take that to the bank.

P.S I am not against marriage or monogamy. I am just saying if you have to, do it like a star.

Till next time, anytime is sex time!

To the ladies out there who want to cheat  || MISS D is a sex counsellor

To the ladies out there who want to cheat: “Please draft an MoU with that side-guy”
Woman’s hands writing || To the ladies out there who want to cheat 




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