Tiwa Savage allegedly Sold own $3x tape for Millions dollars to buy mansion and diamond watch

An Instagram blogger identified as Trapselena has lambasted popular Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage for using her body to acquire a mansion and an expensive wristwatch.


This shade from the blogger comes after the 41-year-old star took to her Instagram story to flaunt her new real estate. She was seen in a t-shirt and a safety cap indicating that her team has already toured the place.

A few days ago, a $3x tape of songstress Tiwa Savage was leaked into the public domain. The video caused chaos on social media, which got a lot of people talking. Tiwa was trending on Twitter number 1 after the video leaked.

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At the time, the songstress appeared unperturbed by the leaked $3x tape and the talk it generated across social and transitional media platforms. In fact, she came out to state, in no uncertain terms, that she had refused to meet the blackmail demands of hackers who had threatened to leak the tape.

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Tiwa Savage accused of trading own $3x tape for millions of cash


Shortly after the tape was leaked, however, Tiwa Savage took to her Instagram page to share a video of her newly acquired wristwatch worth UGX 10,000,000M!

The Nigerian star showed off her watch and new mansion on Insta

And now in a new post, the mother-of-one has shared a photo on her Instagram story announcing that she has acquired a brand new real estate. She wrote, “buying bags is cute but that real estate though. E choke”.

In response to Tiwa’s post, the blogger stated that Tiwa Savage exchanged her body for material things like a house paid for with fraud money and a wristwatch.

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“Unprotected sxx for wrist watch and down payment on a house using fraud money. Ok Tiwa,” Trapselena rushed to sting.

Trapselena Tiwa for using her body to acquire a mansion and an expensive wristwatch


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