This Is What Men Really Want From Their Girlfriends

This Is What Men Really Want From Their Girlfriends || Men don’t really ask for a lot in relationships. It’s the little things that matter to them.

When men were asked what they want in relationships, the answers were all similar.

They want respect, a lot of intimacy, loyalty and love.

In the Zulu tribe they say, “Men love and women respect.” A lot of people don’t agree with this because it is very outdated.

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There was a post on Facebook about what women want in relationships that went viral. Women commented the things they want, and men thought that they were unrealistic.

Men think that women want too much, they want girlfriend allowances and all those things.

The guys said that they don’t want to date people who think that they are entitled to their money.

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One guy commented, “Women are always demanding money from us. We have things to do, bill to pay. Our mothers don’t even demand money from us, come on guys.”



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