This is how rich men use women for sacrifices

AUTHOR Jackie Phamotse has once again shocked Mzansi. This time she warned people, especially women, about kuromba.

Jackie took to Instagram Live on Monday, 9 November to

She said some go to the extent of getting abortions and take the foetus to a sangoma to use as a human sacrifice.


“These are people you trust and you’re relaxed around them because you trust they would never put you in harms way,” said Jackie.

She said men also use muthi to get rich, which has negative effects on women.

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She made an example of a woman who gave a rich man a bl0w job, which resulted in her mouth getting swollen.

Jackie said when you talk to these men, you will feel their strong presence and won’t even look them in the eye.

“When you enter their yards, you can feel that something has been done in that yard, but you don’t question anything,” said Jackie.

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She said you will sometimes wake up from a rich man’s house with no knowledge of what might have happened to you.

Jackie said the women may end up having bad luck at work, interviews or anywhere else.

She also said that people end up hating you for no reason and getting a proper cleansing is hard.

“Once this snake sleeps with you, it’s game over for you because no other man will ever want to be with you, even rich men,” she said.

She emphasised that not all rich men do this, but a lot of them do.

She said that some pastors also do sacrifices to have powerful churches.-


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