This is how much time Pokello spends bathing

This is how much time Pokello spends bathing || Socialite Pokello Nare, pictured, says she is bathing for 40 minutes as she recently shared beauty tips at a workshop with young women, encouraging them to respect their appearance.

Her remarks on the day didn’t go well with a group of women who felt slurred and took to social media to wind down their frustration.

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Based on her comments to the women at the event, the way they were viewed as an assault remains a mystery.

Pokello talked about the value of appearance and beauty amongst a number of issues, focusing on how women would dress based on their styles of bodies.

She said women need to learn to love themselves and use beauty products to boost their appearance.
Sharing video clips on Instagram, Swag’s self-styled queen, provided her insight on why she was chosen to address the young women.

Pokello Nare Roasts Man On Twitter
Pokello Nare Roasts Man On Twitter || This is how much time Pokello spends bathing

“They chose me to talk to young women on these topics because I’m a guide in the textbook to how you can turn your condition around even at your lowest.

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“Contra all efforts to undermine my actions, let it be known that I am not the child I was ten years ago. I am a caring, strong and happy woman on her journey.

“Amid the many false headlines and stories written about me, you can’t break my spirit or use my history against me-I’m no longer living there! I ‘m looking forward to the day when the headlines are a true depiction, “she wrote on Instagram.

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