Thick And Waterlogged BBS TV Presenter Diana Nabatanzi Puts On Massive Weight After Being Disappointed by Her Man .. Fans Fear She Could Be Preggars

Fans on social media have been shocked by the way bootyliciuos BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi has gained massive weight in the last couple of weeks despite her lunch time TV role still looking yummy and sexy.

Diana Nabatanzi

The celebrated TV personality in her relationship has reportedly been going through a rough patch and it’s quire easy to see how the after effects of her private life have taken a toll seriously.

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Diana Nabatanzi gains massive weight

Widely known for being fairly portable among her loyal fan base, Nabatanzi has posted a couple of saucy photos of herself on Instagram, and as the internet has always been, she has quickly noticed how massively she has gained weight over the last few weeks.

Dressed in all black skimpy outfit Diana posted a picture of herself  advertising her afternoon TV show  ”7:00am- 9am mon-fri loadin”

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SOURCE: ThatCelebrity.com

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