Pious Bae -The looks of a guy don’t matter, all that a lady needs is attention, genuine love, care, and good sex

Pious Bae A twitter lady has shared her view on what a lady needs from a man she accepts into her life.

According to Pious Bae, what a lady needs from a man is never his physical appearance or how good or poor he looks.

Pious Bae

Pious Bae shared on Twitter that every lady needs attention… understandably, the attention a man will have for his woman will go a long way to put the relationship on a solid pedestal.


She mentioned genuine love…genuine love is a kind of love that has been qualified to possess no filth or which is based not on any fleeting stuff; love that comes from the heart.

Pious Bae mentioned care and good sex as the last two of the four things every lady looks out for in a man. Care that is based on the desire of the man to be there for the woman as and when the need be and to serve as a pillar of support.


Good sex is good sex.

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Her conditions may surely be the conditions of most women.


Pious Bae


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