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The genuine father who wasn’t trying to rape me – Elsie Godwin mourns TB Joshua

Media personality, Elsie Godwin has paid a tribute to the late TB Joshua, Nigerian preacher and televangelist who died on Saturday evening.

In an emotional post on her Instagram post, Elsie Godwin, appreciated the late TB Joshua for being a genuine father figure in her life that didn’t try to rape her and for positively impacting her life.

She wrote thus:

I woke up to a notification on my phone from a news platform saying Prophet TB Joshua is dead and I sat up. Of course I hoped it wasn’t true, I was so sure it can’t be true. It is TB Joshua we are talking about. A prophet of our time. But alas it is true and I am heartbroken.


I have not seen him in some years and I was really hoping to get around doing that as soon as SCOAN resumes post covid service.

Now I feel bad for not making an extra effort to see me. Its now forever goodbye. I cannot question God but I have many questions and at the same time, I’m getting my answers in the teachings that have shaped me for years – teachings from prophet TB Joshua.

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Many who have encountered me in recent times, seen me face fear and smile through it and outlook on life wonder why I’m the way I am. I enjoy the shock on the face of people when the conversation gets to me having to mention that I’m an orphan. It’s like, how? This you?


Recently a partner, colleague and a big sis said to me “The way you love yourself is contagious”, people find it hard to believe my outlook on life and they always say – wait till this…wait till that…hmmm But this light skin babe you see have been through a lot, spiritually and physically, and still stands with Grace and Peace. So whatever comes, that God allows, I will overcome and keep standing , smiling and shinning. Until death comes. And one of the major reasons I am the way I am today is Prophet TB Joshua.

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He pulled me in, spoke to me, loved me, cared for me, was a father figure at some point (the only one I genuinely had who wasn’t trying to rape me), I lived with him and I know how material things isn’t his problem. A man who never touched money…weird right? He left it all to people around him to handle. God! This hurts and I must ask; why him? Why?! But I am thankful for memories of Prophet TB Joshua! I am thankful for him letting God use him as an instrument in my life. I’m thankful for his Ministry! I’m thankful for the grace and power that flowed through him! I’m thankful for his life and how it shaped mine! I’m alive today because there was a prophet TB Joshua!


And in the midst of this pain and tears, I’m thankful to God for sending us a man like him, for using him absolutely and magnificently. I know this tears will stop soon but your name will never stop. Your legacy lives on. Many will try to soil it but it impossible. There will be various accounts of this man TB Joshua, but the man I experienced, the man who loved me, the man who gave my mother the last respect and burial she deserved, the man whose words are helping me go through the struggles of life with an unimaginable amount and peace and love within, the man who lived for impact, poor and needy! Is the man I know and will always remember. I remember how you trying to pronounce my name – Isioma’ was a chore and you turned it into music “isiomomomomomomomo” Rest on Daddy!

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