THE DUMBEST THINGS AFRICAN WOMEN DO FOR BEAUTY ||  It’s no secret that women go to extreme lengths, to try and look good and capture the attention of their mates or potential mates. Therein lies our question when does effort turn to obsession or simply madness?!

Here are a few sever beauty treatments trending in the name of beauty. You judge when enough is enough!


Is black no longer beautiful? The number of dark-skinned women going to extreme lengths to lighten their skin at the moment is alarming to say the least. According to Michael Jackson “it doesn’t matter if you are black or white” but I think your doctor would disagree. Damaging your skin for beauty is a health and beauty ‘No-No’! Truth be told you cannot cheat nature because these treatments are not permanent solutions. They damage your skin and stop working so you eventually go back to your dark-skinned self. The only trouble with that is that you may lose the even complexion you once had and be left with uneven patchy skin. Stop the madness now!


Ignorance is never bliss when it comes to your health and body. Botox is used to counter wrinkles by using purified botlinum toxin A to block nerves that contract muscles and soften the appearance of wrinkles. This process if done properly and within the proper guidelines may be harmless but quite frankly it seems like a lot of pain and risk for a short-term purchase of fleeting youthful looks. Dermatologists say you can achieve the same results if you smile more and frown less as wrinkles are caused by overstressing facial muscles. If you insist on carrying on with botox treatments be sure not to take pain killers when you have the treatment as they thin the blood and increase bleeding which causes bruising. Make sure you only allow a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to carry out this procedure on you.


Weak hairlines in African women are as old as the name. Tight braids and weaves are the primary cause of this problem with black women. The recent craze with human hair extensions have not just made victims of husbands and boyfriends finances, but also of the women themselves especially those who opt for the 24/7/365 days a year weaves. Don’t trade your glory for artificial beauty. Give your own hair a break every now and again, let your hair and scalp breathe.


Like it’s not bad enough that one’s waistline is a victim of pastries, some women turn to the utensils of their weight gain for a solution. The trend in town is to let some ‘expert’ punish you with a rolling pin claiming they are rolling away body fat. This process is painful and weight loss from this form of torture is yet to be seen!

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