The Dick is mine!!! Drama as macho ladies’ fight over boyfriend dick in rambo-style [watch]

A video is going viral on social media which captures two ladies fighting each other over a boyfriend issue.

The two ladies threw all decorum to the wind and attacked each other mercilessly whilst a fellow lady gleefully recorded it for us on social media to enjoy.

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Drama as macho ladies over boyfriend in rambo-sty

Apparently they were fighting over a guy they both dated for months without knowing.

Each lady thought they were exclusive with the guy but unknown to them he was dating the other one on the side.

The ladies discovered the deception the guy had played on them and decided to fight each other.

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The lady, who appeared too strong, firmly held her opponent’s hair , refusing to let her go.


Interestingly, some people were busy recording the drama on their phones instead of trying to separate them from embarrassing themselves.

Well, catch a glimpse of the video below :


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