The 30 Unspoken Guy Code Rules All Men Need to Know And Follow

Observing the necessary guy code rules is what strengthens guy friendships and makes this bond unbreakable. It’s like the bro code – you can’t break it.


Let’s just get this out of the way—if you’ve notoriously broken the guy code rules, then the assumption is you probably don’t have a lot of friends. The guy code is sacred. You can’t break it, against all odds. It might sound foolish to you, but there are just certain rules you can’t break.

This code was created for all men to follow. *it’s an unspoken oath each male baby takes upon leaving the womb*

It’s also the reason why some male friendships fall apart and never speak for the rest of eternity.

If you break even just one of the guy code rules, it really does reflect on not just your friendship skills, but your loyalty and integrity.


What makes the guy code rules so sacred?

The guy code rules gives you a proper idea on how to maintain guy friendships with your bros. There are certain lines you can cross, and lines you can’t. In a sense, this is the guys’ definition of setting firm boundaries.

Whether it’s getting together with your friend’s ex or something as silly as bets, it’s important to observe all these rules. Your ability to maintain friendships for the rest of eternity relies on keeping these rules.

If you break one, you can expect all your friends to either be mad at you, resent you, or even hate you. Yes, it’s that crucial.

The guy code rules you need to know

If you didn’t know before, now you know. Here are the 30 rules of guy code that can never be broken.

1. Your friend’s sister is off limits

This is one of the guy code rules that should be obvious by now. No matter how attractive she is, if things go bad between the two of you, your friend will be forced to take the side of his sister. Family is family. There’s absolutely no loophole with this *unless you plan on marrying her*.

If you end up breaking her heart or doing something unfathomable, it’s friendship over. This isn’t something you want to experience first-hand, so better leave your friend’s sister alone.

2. If your friend’s girlfriend asks you any questions, you deny knowing anything

You don’t know where he is, what he said, where he went. Not only is this backing your friend, this is also saving yourself from scrutiny. Even if you do know, pretend you’re completely ignorant to the situation. When push comes to shove, your loyalty should lie with your friend.

3. You must greet your friend appropriately

A hug cannot come before a handshake, it must be accompanied with a pat on the back. If you observe guy friendships in movies, there’s a reason why there’s always handshakes or a pat in the back.

4. You must inform him if he is dressed horribly

If your friend is wearing a neon green polo with pink shoes, you are obligated to tell him he looks horrible. Honesty is the best policy in cases of his attire.

Especially when his dating life depends on it, tell him when he’s dressing horribly. Unless you’re also wearing the same outfit, then rock it together.

5. Avoid uncomfortable urinal confrontations

A man shall not take the urinal beside another man. You must leave at least one empty urinal in between each other. Even if you’re both men, respect your personal space and boundaries with one another.

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6. Unless your friend murdered someone, you bail them out of jail

You go to the bank, collect all your pennies and hand them over to the police. He’ll pay you back, don’t worry. One of the things about guy code rules is that your friendship is ride-or-die. If something happens to them, you need to have their back at all costs.

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7. If your drunk friend is about to cheat on his girlfriend, you must follow through with one intervention

Make him aware of the choice he is about to make. If he replies with “f*ck you,” then you are free from any responsibility from that time onward.

The burden is no longer on your shoulders or the consequences of him cheating on his girlfriend. You’re also not obligated to listen to his rants about his choices on that matter.

8. Never speak about it again rule

If you accidentally graze or touch another man below the waist, it’s already agreed upon as an accident and there will be no mention of it ever.

There’s no need to make it a big deal so it’s best to not mention what happened again *unless you want to make things even more awkward*.

9. A bet is a bet

If a bet is made, no matter what, the loser must follow through with his obligations to carry out his side of the bet. Don’t be a lame friend in this aspect, but follow through with the bet.

This includes embarrassing acts or monetary compensation. If he refuses to pay or carry out the duties, you must settle upon an agreement.

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10. Wingman duties

If you have a girlfriend and go out to the club with your friends, you are automatically given the job as wingman. Do your best to support them in finding a girl. Whether that’s introducing them to other girls, using the smoothest lines to introduce them, or something along those lines.

From there on out, you must support your friends until they achieve their ultimate goal, whatever that may be *as long as it’s consensual*.

11. Speedos are out

Unless you are Michael Phelps, you are prohibited from wearing a speedo. You probably don’t live under a rock to know that this isn’t the most attractive thing, especially for the ladies. This is the 21st century we live in, and Speedos are definitely not a thing anymore.

12. Respect another man’s boundary

Every guy has his own personal line. Understand where their line is and don’t pass that line. Boundaries are everything when following these guy code rules.

Everything in this list is all about boundaries, so respect them with everything you’ve got.

13. Internet buffer

If something tragic happens to your friend, one of the first things you must do is delete their browser history. Protect their privacy at all costs – that’s what friendship means in the world of guy codes.

14. Don’t brag about how many girls you’ve slept with

This might come as a shock to some of you, but the basis of guy friendships isn’t about boasting how many girls you’ve slept with. Sure, it’s probably an impressive number, but no one cares and you look like an asshole. Don’t be that asshole. You don’t need to shoot off your ego when talking to your guy friends.

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15. Pranking your friends is seen as bonding

If you decide to engage in pranking, make sure these three things will not happen: Result in a trip to the ER, with you stealing their phone, or in you or him being in financial debt.

Pranks are always fun, but there’s a fine line in knowing when to stop. Make sure it doesn’t cost their health, finances, or anything significant.

16. Don’t ditch your friends for a girl

Unless, this is the girl you’ve been talking about for weeks and everyone is aware of how badly you want her. Bros before hoes, as the sexist saying goes. She may not be a side chick, but still, you need to know the value of friendship.

If you have plans or when it comes to choosing sides, you know where your loyalty lies – your friends.

That is, unless of course, you’re really in love with this girl or you’re in a serious relationship with her, in which case your friends should know that she and your relationship with her comes first.

17. Don’t let your friend drive home wasted

Dish out the money for a cab, and hand him the receipt the next morning. Safety should be your priority when you’re dealing with a drunk guy friend.

If he’s intoxicated, don’t let him drive no matter what, even if he insists on doing so. If something terrible happens to him while driving, that burden’s on you.

18. Back up your friend

If your friend gets into a fight and you’re unable to calm the situation, back your friend. Even if he’s wrong and an idiot, he’s your idiot.

Loyalty is an integral part of the guy code rules, so you need to always have their back. If you don’t, maybe you shouldn’t be hanging out with this person in the first place.

19. Don’t give another man advice on working out unless he asks you

He realizes he has small arms, he has a mirror. Giving out unsolicited advice makes you sound like an asshole. You’re entitled to have your own opinions and comments, but ultimately, it’s their body. If they’re happy with the way they look or don’t care about working out, let them.

20. Best man, best stripper

If given the title of best man at your friend’s wedding, you’re entitled with the duty of preparing the bachelor party. Regardless of what he insists *assuming that his values and beliefs don’t contradict*, it is your duty to provide him with the best stripper, or the wildest act of the night.

21. You must own at least one suit

This can be worn to weddings, funerals, graduations, special dates. Plus, you’ll look smart. If you don’t own even a single suit in your wardrobe, then you’re completely missing out!

22. If you ask a girl out on a date, you pay

It’s proper first date etiquette that when you ask her on a date, you’re supposed to pay. Otherwise, if you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t have asked her in the first place. On the other hand, if it was a mutual decision to go out on a date, feel free to go dutch if you want to.

23. Don’t date your friend’s exes or flings

It doesn’t matter if they dated for long or not, or if they were serious or not. You cannot, at all costs, date your friend’s exes or flings. You’ll sabotage your friendship entirely by even attempting to do so. You need to respect their past relationships by never getting together with any of them.

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24. If your friend asks what you think of his new girl, be honest

In most cases, friendships are all about honesty. If he asks your opinion on his new date or this girl he likes, you need to be frank with him.

There’s no reason why you should pretend to like her if you think otherwise. What if they do end up dating? Then you’ll have to pretend to like her forever!

He’s asking you as his friend because he truly values your opinion as his bro, simple as that.

25. Never make your friend feel ashamed

No matter what sexual activity he participated in, even if he made out with someone unusual or he did something you’d never personally do, you shouldn’t ever judge or criticize him for it. Don’t make him feel ashamed for doing it, whether drunk or sober.

26. Friends buy the beer

If a friend is lacking in cash in the middle of a round of drinks, you shouldn’t hesitate to cover for him. Money is just money, but you can’t have another iconic experience with the guys. Don’t hesitate to pitch in when a friend is in need, as they should for you too.

27. Never ignore fist-bumps

It’s not just a gesture in the guy code rules, but it’s a way of showing your friendship and loyalty to other bros. When a friend raises their hand to fist-bump you, don’t leave them hanging!

28. Celebrate your bromance

There’s no reason to be ashamed of your strong bond or your bromance. It’s a reflection of how close your friendship is, so celebrate it without hesitation! If someone judges this or says you’re being immature, screw their opinion.

29. Help them with the ladies

No matter how experienced your friend may be with the ladies, you should always do your best as his bro to give the best advice, be the best wingman, and support your friend in every way you can. This is one of the unspoken guy code rules you should never ignore. Why wouldn’t you help your best buddy? Are you jealous?

30. Don’t allow your friend to drunk text or call

It doesn’t matter if she’s an ex, fling, one-night stand, or whatever. Don’t let your bro make the stupid mistake of drunk dialing or texting a girl if you think he’d regret it in the morning. It’s your obligation as his friend to avoid letting him do this. *grab his phone if you have to!*


So, what are the guy code rules?

The guy code rules exist for a reason and they’re very much valid. Don’t forget to follow every one of these if you want to keep the friendship alive and strong with your bros. After all, these rules are all about loyalty, honesty, and boundaries.


These guy code rules are everything you should follow in keeping your friendships strong. Observe these at all costs and always have their back, no matter what.


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