The 10 Hottest Chics in Makerere’s Olympia Hostel

Hottest Chics in Makerere’s Olympia Hostel || Olympia is one of the most expensive hostels in Kikoni and Makerere University as a whole. Today we bring some of the beauties that grace the walls of the hostel. One statement here is focus because we aren’t just serving looks; there is also money, brains, ambition among others. Yes they define beauty and beyond. Here is the finest of God’s creation.

10. Nabirye Tracey

Body shaped like a coca cola bottle is Tracey, doing Records and Archives Management and she is in year 3. She is very business oriented, loves dancing, God fearing and most definitely travelling. She has been to very many places and she treasures friendship not forgetting to put family first.

9. Nambi Elaine Racheal.

This black beauty hailing from Buganda region is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in her third year. Her friends describe her as one who keeps the conversation flowing, her smile will brighten up your day and have you smiling back without even knowing it.  She loves watching movies, reading novels and is quite a foodie

8. Kampi Angel.

Like her name states the first things that  will capture your attention when you meet her are her eyes and height. Always smiling and fun to be around, she is doing Petroleum Geoscience and Production (speak of the bar being raised high). She is also very outgoing, enjoys hanging out with her friends and loves her makeup perfect. You can follow her on Instagram @angel_l.e.a.f.l.e.t

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7. Bernice Mulage

Yes Beyonce was referring to her when she sang “brown skin girl, your skin just like pearls” because this girl’s skin pheww.  She is in her third year at Law School, quite shy at first but very loud with her friends. In her free time you will catch her reading a good book, viewing art or listening to music. She also loves adventure so she has been to places. You can follow her on Instagram @_inst_art_gram.

6. Nyakaisiki Zoe

Yes perfectly shaped bodies do exist and yes she has one, which you will notice it form a distance. She is in her second year doing Industrial and Fine Art. Adding to her beauty, she can also paint and for personal time and evaluation she does yoga. Her friend says it is always a good time with Zoe because she is jolly and outgoing. You can follow her on instangram @zoe.nyakaisiki

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5. Sharon Kiwanuka

The forehead queen is also well known on twitter (@sharonkiwanuka). Quite too loud but very loving, she is in her fourth year doing Quantity Surveying. Also crocs are her signature footwear (she makes that look work). She has a perfectly slim waist and you will most likely run into her at the Budo League making the loudest noise. Yes beautiful girls are loud!!

4. Munyana Linda

This curvy Rwandese queen is in her third year doing IT. She is generally a foodie, loves hanging with her friends and is down for a night out once in a while. Beyond school she enjoys trying out new restaurants and generally discovering new things. Follow her on her instagram @mumu_611

3. Abhera Nana Michelle

She is one of God’s finest Sunday creations with a big heart as she is always helping the under privileged. She is in her second year doing Bachelor of Commerce. Her friends describe her as warm, someone who watches out for everyone and very determined. She never gets her outfits wrong and she is always stepping out looking like a snack. You can follow her on instagram @psssh_its_nana

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2. Kamatsiko Alexandra

On one of your lucky days you will meet this queen at Law School. Yes I said queen because she lifts her feminism flag high up. She also loves tech and even has a tech startup on legal education and tech, (speak of women achieving).  Anyway anywhere you will meet Alex with a bottle of water, lip gloss and laid edges and obviously with her boss lady attitude. She loves art, designing , dancing (like an art) and reading. Her smile comes with a compliment of a dimple too.

1. Nahabwe Wendy

Now let us all first take some deep breaths because yes this is another level of beauty. She is in her second year doing Community Psychology and she is mostly indoors so here is your only chance to meet her. She is an anime (NOT animations) lover, talk about food and reading novels. She is everything beautiful both in and out, drinking water and minding her business is her secret. Wink!

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