Teenagers bedroom video goes viral Today

Teenagers bedroom video goes viral  || An after sex confession by a thrilled lover has landed a couple in trouble online. A video doing the rounds, shows two teenagers lazing out after their rendezvous.

The girl in the video gleefully confesses how excited she was after having seen her amazing boyfriend’s prowess in bed. She also applauds him for his satisfactory tools of trade. As I that was not enough she goes on to extend gratitude to the boy’s parents for gifting him with such.

The video has caused so much furore and unearthed the stark reality of early sexual activity amongst the teens. Most people have shunned the behaviour of the duo, in particular the girl who seemed unapologetic about her actions.

In a recent statement, the girl claimed the video was taken a long time ago when she was still dating the boy in the video. She said they have since broken up but the boy has been insisting on them rekindling their romance. She claimed to have filed a police report with regards to the matter.

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With so much exposure and easy access to the internet, most teens have been engaging in sexual activities. This has led to a spike unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitter infections

Teenagers bedroom video goes viral Today
Teenagers bedroom video goes viral Today



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