Tears Flow as Musician shot in the face in South Africa

Upcoming South African-based  Zimbabwean singer Innocent Chikuku, aka Yung The Hustler, escaped death by a whisker last week after he was shot in the face  in Eldorado Park near Soweto.

Innocent Chikuku was parked at his girlfriend’s house when the near tragic event happened.

He confirmed the incident to Hmetro and spoke about the chilling event

“I was chilling with my girlfriend at their gate and from nowhere I saw two VW Polos. Four guys came out and came straight to my window. One grabbed me by the throat while pointing a pistol to my face. I started wrestling with him for the gun and he shot at me,”

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He said he was dragged out of the car together with his girlfriend. He lost consciousness after that and only woke up in the intensive care unit at hospital.


Innocent Chikuku says he feels better now after spending 4 days in hospital.

Fortunately the bullet only grazed his brow and didn’t penetrate his skull or it would have been a different story.

Zim Artist Shot

He said the robbers took his car and R46 000 in cash

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“I am just happy that I am alive because worse could have happened. They drove away with my BMW 330i and it has not been found yet,”

Innocent said apart from music he also runs a business  that makes couches and he had just collected cash from one of his clients.

Chikuku is known for flashing his wealth on social media.

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He said he will keep pushing on both his music and his business.

If this was a hit on me then they missed the target. I will keep on pushing both my business and my musical works because it is my talent,”


Zim Artist Shot

Mukuku and his girlfriend Simone PetersonHis girlfriend Simone Peterson was also a victim as the whole fracas happened outside her mother’s house.

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