Taped Boobs: Winnie Nwagi mesmerizes men on Club Beatz concert (PHOTOS)

Only black tape covered Winnie Nwagi’s pair of boobs as the silky short shorts also gave way to her peeping butt cheeks during her performance at the Club Beatz At Home concert.

Winnie Nwagi has never lacked vocally and her skimpy outfits is another thing that has become a big part of her description.

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She dresses how she likes and if you have a problem with it she will tell you to take your advice to your mama. The arrogance is surprisingly why most of her fans adore her.


Skimpiness was the story of the evening as she showed a little bit too much skin with both her outfits at the Club Pilsener-sponsored online concert.

The black outfit had her thighs and a bit of her booty out for the eyes to see. Not even her strong vocals could steal the viewers’ attention enough.

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When she changed, she decided to show you even more of her upper body with her boobs only covered with black tape and a seamless top. The thighs then had the freedom to breathe even more.

If you missed her lovely performance, you won’t miss the peeping bintu in the photos below:

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