Take note ladies – How to know that a guy genuinely cares about you

Take note ladies

How to know that a guy genuinely cares about you || Wouldn’t you love to know if a guy you are seeing or dating genuinely cares about you? At the end of the day, I bet you have no business being with a man who doesn’t care about you. While men may not speak out their hearts like women and declare all the deep feelings they have for you, their actions can tell just how much they feel about you.

All you have to do is watch out for the telltale signs and you will know what position you hold in this man’s life. Relationships and dating coach Mathew Boggs advises looking out for these signs that show a gut cares genuinely about you:

How to know that a guy genuinely cares about you

1. He confides in you


Couple talking (Credit - Ranchatdovetree) Couple talking (Credit – Ranchatdovetree)

Can your man share his deep secrets and struggles with you? If so, then that’s a man who cares about you. He knows you care about his wellbeing and that his secrets are safe with you.

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“He will share the stuff that’s going on, the challenges he is having. He is telling you about it because he wants to get your perspective. He values you, he values your opinion and so he will confide in you” Boggs says.

2. He keeps his word

Does your guy respect the agreement you had or is he the kind who pretends to have forgotten that he had made a promise? According to Boggs, if a guy genuinely cares about you, he will keep his word. If something comes up and he can’t do it, he will make sure that he communicates in time and make it up to you later when he can.

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3. He remembers the small details


Couple texting
Couple texting

Love is not always about lots of money and luxurious gifts. Sometimes it’s the seemingly little deeds that matter most. If your guy can remember that you have an interview and make a point to text you that morning and wish you the best, then he genuinely cares.

4. He tries to make things easy for you


Happy couple cooking together Happy couple cooking together

Mathew also says that a guy who genuinely cares about you will make an effort to alleviate pain and make things a little more comfortable for you. It could be something like opening the car door for you, rubbing your back or bringing your favourite snacks when you are on your period.

5. He gets defensive

“The worst sign in a relationship that someone doesn’t care is apathy. They have given up. You have complained about something or you wonna change something but they don’t care. The person who stops fighting, that’s a dangerous sign in a relationship because that means they are done.” Mathew says.

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On the other hand, if your man gets defensive, it shows that he is afraid that if he is wrong, you will leave him. He will try to fight for his position.

6. He is a genuine listener


Couple talking
Couple talking

This is one of those seemingly little things that matter most in relationships. If you find yourself a man who wants to listen to what your day was like or what you are going through, that’s a man who cares genuinely.


 || How to know that a guy genuinely cares about you ||

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