Susan The Boss ,Jealous Lady Who Leaked Akuapem Poloo’s Bedroom Video Speaks – Video

Susan The Boss, Jealous Lady Who Leaked Akuapem Poloo’s Bedroom Video Speaks || Following the video from Akuapem Poloo ‘s viral bedroom, there have been rumors that it was released by her former bestie.

She wanted to embarrass Akuapem Poloo on account of her fame according to sources.


Others also assume that this whole n#de show is for publicity and to make the friend of Akuapem Poloo popular too.

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Thatcelebrity.com has released pictures of Susan TheBoss, the lady who is at the core of the entire brouhaha.

Susan The Boss has talked about the incident in a video that has come up.


She just doesn’t make sense of her expression but we learned from her video that she’s denying that she’s responsible for the video leak.

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Susan The Boss
Susan TheBoss



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