Student Nurse by day sex worker at night

Student Nurse by day sex worker at night || A nursing student from Kwa-Thema in Ekurhuleni says she doesn’t like her job as a s_ex worker, but at the moment it’s her only source of income to support herself and family.

She said the job helped her support her boys and pay for her studies.

The mum of two boys aged eight and nine, said she worked Monday to Saturday on the streets of Nigel, Benoni and night clubs around Ekurhuleni.

The 27-year-old woman comes from Eshowe, KZN. She came to Gauteng last year and her two friends gave her accommodation.

She said her friends told her how they made a living and urged her to join them as she was struggling to find a job

She said: “It was very difficult to have s_ex with someone I didn’t know. He paid me R50 and he took me back to the streets.”

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She said that after her first experience, her friends noticed she was not okay and they told she’ll get better with time.

“It was my first time doing it and I felt guilty. I told my friends I won’t be able to do it again but they told me to choose whether I continue working with them or leave their place,” the woman told Daily Sun.

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She said she decided to go back to the streets and had s_ex with nine clients and made R850 the next day.

She said that was the turning point in her life. Now she has clients that ask her for her services overnight and pay her very well.

“On weekends, I make a lot of money at the night clubs because that’s where a lot of clients are found,” she said.

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At the moment, she’s is studying nursing through Unisa. She said once she graduates, she will stop being the s_ex worker.



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