Strange but true: Naked man caught performing rain stopping rituals

Naked man caught performing rain stopping rituals. The man who was identified only as Major was reportedly caught in broad daylight moving around naked in the bush while shouting incantations that many people believe were to stop rainfall.

Villagers of Zvirikure village, a community located at the boundary of Chief Neshuro and Chief Negari were recently left tongue-tied after an elderly man was allegedly seen stark naked, performing rituals to stop the rain.

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Contacted for a comment, Chief Negari confirmed receiving an informal report of the strange shenanigans. “I am not sure about the exact name of the person. It is said he was seen naked in the forest between my area of jurisdiction and that of Chief Neshuro, engaging in strange activities to block the rains.

“So far no one has formally filed a report at my court but in the event that his case is brought forward, we will not hesitate to preside over it,” said Chief Negari. Villagers disputed suggestions that the man could be mentally challenged.

“He is not mentally challenged. He was clearly seen performing his dark rituals in the bush but nobody is prepared to testify against him at the traditional court because of fear. “There is no doubt that such activities are responsible for the dry spell here. Crops are dying and we have seen heavy rainy clouds disappearing suddenly,” said one.


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