Story Of My Life: How My Rich Auntie Mistreated Me, Now I Am Rich Too

The story of my life (By Tino Chiremba Mudzekenyedzi), grew up in Gokwe attended Chikarimatsito pry, my father was a teacher. I was a bright student, did well in grade 7. I spoke to my uncle who was a bachelor and working in Kadoma that I wanted to stay with and start my secondary school in Kadoma.

Everything was fine, started my form one well and the living conditions were very good as my uncle was always not at home, I would spend most of my time in the streets of Waverley with my friends. No one really bothered me about reading or doing homework. Weekends sometimes my

Uncle would give me bear when he was drinking at home. I finished form 2 and all of a sudden he was deployed to Harare and was supposed to go for training for 6 months which made it impossible to go with me to Harare. He organised with my aunt to stay with me as I continue with my education, she agreed.

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My aunt had a lavish life staying in the suburbs of Kadoma. Kwaitaurwa chirungu kwa tete vangu. My stay there was torture, endured hardships, I became the garden boy,  Freezits, she had kids almost my age but they didn’t do all that. Anything that went missing, chingwa chikadyiwa it was me, money missing it’s Tino.

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She complained I finished her food, I was just confused and at the time I had a very small body. She ended up telling my father that she can’t have me at her house. So they made another arrangement with my other uncle who was staying in Waverley but he was renting one room he had a wife& kid.

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So they agreed that during the day I will be at my uncle have my food there, go to school from there then after dinner I would go sleep at my aunt’s house.

Everyone was ok with that arrangement. I lived like that until I finished my O’level. Like I said my aunt had a good life the house was huge that I had my own bedroom and as a young boy I was always wondering why she couldn’t just accommodate me for 2yrs & I will be out of her life.


I remember weekends I wouldn’t leave early morning so I would stick around until they had breakfast thinking I would be offered. They would enjoy the burgers, sausages, eggs and bacon and they would not try me. I would leave with a lump on my throat and I would say I’m gonna have those things at my house when I grow up. I vowed that my children will not experience what I went through. I was taught patience and endurance from all this. I told one of my classmates 3 yrs ago abt my experience and she cried. She told me they thought at school I was one of the fortunate kids.

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I didn’t show it at school, I was one of the active and vocal kids at school, well presentable at form 4 I was made a prefect. I knew it was only two years and it would be over.

I never had a grudge with my aunt. After college, I bought her a Zambia (wrapper) and thanked her for taking care of me. Looking at life now I always say A boy without a bedroom now has multiple houses that can accommodate the whole clan. The hardships of today are not an indicator of a doomed future. Let your hardships now prepare you for greatness.

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