‘Stop Recording, My Boyfriend Is On Your Snap’ – Moment Lady Calls Out Friend Who Was Recording Her Dancing Promiscuously With Another Guy

In a video we have sighted, a lady was being recorded while she offered her butts to another guy as they danced together.

Many would have thought that was nothing considering how ladies like to do these gestures when dancing with her guy, however, this lady’s case was different.

As she was being recorded, she asked the person recording to stop because her legit boyfriend might see the video and hell will break loose.

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The video has garnered some reactions from social media users who are ridiculing the lady.


Watch the video below;




In other news, a young guy has taken to social media to seek advice on what to do about a problem he has with his fiancee.

He indicated that anytime his fiance is about to visit him, he knows that his fridge is about to become empty because his fiancee eats a lot.

The post reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please hide me. What’s the easiest way to address this issue with my girlfriend without offending her? She eats a lot, like a lot lot lot. When she visits I know my fridge is about to be empty. Who eats 6 eggs for breakfast? A loaf of bread doesn’t last a day. When I’m alone 2kg braai pack lasts three weeks, when she’s around two days phuu gone. 2 litre coke disappears in just a day. She snacks with cheese throughout the day. Everytime we finish making love she goes to the fridge to take a viana. I even decreased number of rounds because wow my vianas don’t last. That time she’s very skinny. I know food is food but is it necessary to declare war on them?”

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