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Stop poking your nose into marital issues of gospel artistes – Patience Nyarko to Media

Ghanaian gospel artiste Patience Nyarko seems displeased with how some media personnel intrude in gospel musicians’ private life especially when their marriages fail.

The ‘Obi Nyani Me’ hit singer believes that marital issues can only be resolved between couples and their families and not by the mass media.

To her, no one is perfect so chastising gospel artistes over their failed marriages on radio and Television rather make the unpleasant situation that they are in even worse.

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Patience Nyarko warned media personalities and self-acclaimed radio counsellors to desist from discussing failed marriages of female gospel artistes on the airwaves.

“However, marriage problems should be solved between the couple and their families. No one has the right to come and sit on Radio or TV to talk about what is happening in someone’s marriage whether being a celebrity or not.

“Because even you the person doing that discussion might be having issues in your marriage. Right now, even you, Amansan Krakye, who is asking me this question, how would I know if you’re also not having issues in your marriage.

“So, let’s learn to mind our own business and stop focusing on gospel artistes whose marriages aren’t working”. Patience Nyarko told Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio

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