Sponsor ChŌps Two Slay Queens in Night Club bathroom | VIDEO

There is a common habit amongst girls especially who escort their colleagues on a date in bid to detooth the men.

A man can invite a girl on date and she shows up with other five friends. Most men play it cool and end up paying heavy bills.

Some men who are not finacially stable, end up disappearing leaving deetoothers to suffer with the bills.

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In a video, four girls can be seen enjoying heavy liquor and eatables at the expense of one guy who had taken them out.

But the guy was sharp and manage to corner and wire two in nightclub’s restroom in form of consolation.


Mostly girls who come with an aim of detoothing, tend to order food and drinks they always dream of taking but in most cases they can’t afford to buy for themselves.

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So sponsors pay heavy price.

Please girls be considerate.



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