Spark TV’s Gabie Ntaate Bridget having sex for money -Video

We all have that past that we so badly want to delete from our life stories. For Gabie Ntaate Bridget, sleeping with people for money is something she cannot forget about her past life.

Gabie Ntaate is now a gospel musician and a celebrated TV presenter of Spark TV’s Live Wire show. Her skills on set have been highly praised by several followers of the entertainment industry.

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She gave her life to Christ a few years ago after living what she terms as a really “reckless life”. During an interview, Ntaate revealed more of what she went through before she transformed her life for the better.




I’m a person who has lived a very reckless life before. I have slept with someone for money. You don’t love them, you’re not connected, you just want what they can give you.

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Gabie Ntaate Bridget


In 2018, during an interview with ChimpReports, Gabie Ntaate revealed that she does not believe in sex before marriage.

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