Spark TV’s Caroline Marcah Speaks Out On Swallowing MC Kats’ Dick, Warns Zahara Totto

There is a silent war between NBS and Spark TV that you wouldn’t want to miss out. The rift between the two TV stations has boiling but now it is exploding according to the events unfolding.


Spark TV’s Caroline Marcah is too bitter with NBS TV ‘s  Zahara Totto and Kayz for ‘witch hunting’ her.

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This is after  Zahara Totto and Kayz a few weeks back told the nation that Carol and MC Kats were romping.

Totto and Kayz alleged further that carol started swallowing Kats’dick a year.

To show that they knew what they were talking about, the pair also revealed that the self-proclamation king of the Mic had Carol’s pic on his WhatsApp profile.

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Carol speaks out on relationship with Kats
Carol speaks out on relationship with Kats


However, Marcah has come out to trash the claims saying that Mc Kats is only a friend to her adding that those spreading the news intend to ruin her career.

Carol denies chewing Kat's cassava
Carol denies chewing Kat’s cassava

“Those who allege should come out and prove, Mc Kats is just my best friend and there is nothing between me and him, we are not dating,” fumed Marcah.

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Meanwhile rumor has it that Kats resumed eating baby mama, Fille Mutoni’s beans. Sources say, Fille ate her vomit and returned Kats’ bonking pad at the beginning of this year. Fille had dumped Kats swearing never to allow him swim in her deep waters.

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