South African Mathematics Teacher Buhle Lulu Menziwa giving student Blue Balls in Class -Photos

MadamBClothing, Buhle Lulu Menziwa Mathematics Teacher Buhle Lulu Menziwa has everyone talking

Buhle Lulu Menziwa was born on the 1st of November 1992. She is a South African Mathematics Teacher and Trending Social Media Personality from South Africa.


Lulu calls herself an Executive and Social Media Star and owns a clothing line i.e. “MadamBClothing”. Lulu has a lot of Instagram followers.



MadamBClothing, Buhle Lulu Menziwa
MadamBClothing, Buhle Lulu Menziwa
MadamBClothing, Buhle Lulu Menziwa

MadamBClothing, Lulu Menziwa

Lulu holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and she belongs to the African Race Group.

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Her live Instagram video was trending last year where she was swearing fans and telling them to stop saying that kids will not concentrate at school. She then explained that she is not teaching kids that are 25 or even their age so they must stop making negative comments about her. Fans were complaining about her English and vague language that she used on the video, Here are some twitter reactions,

@lebzah_SA, “I hope you are teaching at primary otherwise high school boys can’t focus in class”

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@Blaqkprl,”Look I really wish she kept quiet Shushing face. I was Pro, I mean who wouldn’t love a stylish teacher… I just hope she aint teaching English”

@Blaqkprl, “she should have just went in with isiZulu. Now she is the broken English hour glass teacher”

@MohlalaPuse,”#lulumenziwa Going live was a bad move, when u give corrections to your students I suggest you also join them and correct that engrish”

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MadamBClothing, Buhle Lulu Menziwa

South African Mathematics Teacher has everyone talking



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